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    Hercules Pumps (shandong) Co., Ltd. (Hereafter as Hercules Pumps) registered capital of US $10 million, with a total investment of US$29.8 million in Zibo, Shandong. Covering an area of 67,000 square meters, and now Hercules Pumps has about 120 employees. Hercules Pumps is a joint venture company invested by Herclues Germany(51%)and Shandong Changzhi Pumps Co., Ltd.(49%.) The main markets are: oil and gas upstream, downstream, metallurgical mines, power, water treatment, general industries, etc.

    Hercules Pumps has set up 5 sales and service centers in Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenyang, Beijing and Chengdu, and has a nationwide after-sales service network.
    Hercules Pumps has 8 management departments, 5 manufacturing workshops and 2 foundry workshops. In addition to the 46 series of pumps developed by Shandong Changzhi Pumps Co., Ltd. For many years, Hercules Germany has input 30 series of new pumps and technologies. With the development of the market, Hercules Pumps will continue to add the new pumps. At present, Hercules Pumps mainly produces and sells Hercules Germany's technology transfer pumps.Herclues Germany is a reputational manufacturer of fluid machinery equipment in Germany. It has profoundness in technology research, manufacture, quality control and engineering application. Shandong Changzhi Pumps Co., Ltd., as one of the investors has over 50 years of experience in pump manufacturing and complete process know-how form the basis for our pumps' high performance. Shandong Changzhi Pumps Co., Ltd. is the key backbone enterprise of China. It earns its reputation for quality and performance in the domestic pump industry.The key products are pumps for refineries, chemical plants, nuclear power plants,thermal power plants, large-scale farmland ,water utilization pumps, urban water and sewage pumps, marine pumps, seawater desalination pumps and mechanical seals and other accessories.

    In order to joint development pump manufacturing technology and pumps market, the two elites of China and German pumps industry integrate together. Hercules Pumps combines the technical advantages and manufacturing experience of the two elites to explore the international market. Hercules Pumps has become one of the highest level professional pump manufacturing of China.

    With the support of Hercules Germany, Hercules Pumps has improved its quality and service to provide first-class service, secure sustained customer satisfaction,and our pumps' reliability.

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