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HP-OHA Centrifugal Pump


    Standard: API610-2010(ISO 13709)
    Capacity: 5 to 700m³/h
    Head: up to 180m
    Pressure: up to 150bar
    Temperature: - 30°C to +420°C

The HP-OHA is designed as double casing, radial split, single-stage cantilever pump that withstands high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion resistance, comply with the requirements of API610 and ISO13709. The HP-OHA pump has the features of high reliability and long service life.
The diffuser grid manufactured with high hardness and abrasion resistant materials is used as inner pump casing. All the abrasions just impact the diffuser grid. Even the diffuser gird is worn out and only replace the new one without replace the whole pump casing.

Mainly used in coal gasification process of TEXACO technology, SHELL technology, GSP technology, HT technology. HP-OHA can be chosen as lock hopper circulating pump, chilling water pump, particles water circulating pump and flushing tower circulating pump in TEXACO technology. HP-OHA also can be chosen as slag tank circulating pump and ash discharge auxiliary pump in the SHELL technology. The pumping fluid with 0.5% to 3% solid particles, with certain corrosion, with higher inlet pressure, with pulsation inlet pressure,with low NPSH,with high pressure, with high temperature also can use HP-OHA pump.

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