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HP-OH1C and HP-OH2C Canned Motor Chemical Process Pump


    Standard: API685-2000
    Capacity: 1 to 600m³/h
    Head: up to 220m
    Pressure: 20 to 50bar
    Temperature: - 120°C to +420°C

The HP-OH1C, HP-OH2C are radical split, single stage, single suction, overhung centrifugal pumps, comply with the requirements of API685-2000, which are suitable for a leak-free situation.
Driven by canned motors, the datum and structure of HP-OH1C and HP-OH2C is respectively equal to HP-OH1 and HP-OH2 pump’s. HP-OH1C is foot-mounted and HP-OH2C is centerline- mounted. According to pumping fluids, HP-OH1C and HP-OH2C have standard type, LNG type and high temperature type.

Thorough and thoughtful consideration has been carried in hydraulic design, joint of pump casing and bearing bracket, rotor rigidity, protection system of canned motor.
These unique features such as high efficiency, reliability, and long service life not only meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also meet the requirements of industrial process areas for safety protection.

The HP-OH1C and HP-OH2C pumps are typical for low or high temperature fluids, neutral or corrosive fluids, clean or with solid particles fluids, toxic fluids, flammable fluids as well as stocks of other fluids. The pump mainly applications are strictly seal and no leakage situation, such as refineries, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and medicine, and general industries.

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