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HP-OHM Magnetic Pump


    Standard: API685-2000
    Capacity: 1 to 400m³/h
    Head: up to 200m
    Pressure: up to 250bar
    Temperature: - 120°C to +180°C
    Power: up to 160kw

The HP-OHM is a single stage, single suction, overhung centrifugal pump with foot-mounted or centerline-mounted. The high-pressure internal circulation mode makes the HP-OHM1 most suitable for pumping easily vaporized fluids and most suitable for replacing double mechanical seal pumps and external auxiliary systems.

The HP-OHM pump is suitable for low or high temperature fluids, neutral or corrosive fluids, clean or with solid particles fluids, toxic fluids, flammable fluids and other fluids. The pump main applications are strictly seal and no leakage situations, such as refineries, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and medicine, and general industries.

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