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HP-VS1/VS6 Vertically Suspended Pump


    Standard: API610-2010 (ISO 13709)
    Capacity: 5 to 840m³/h
    Head: up to 900m
    Pressure: up to 110bar
    Temperature: - 196°C to +150°C

HP-VS1 and HP-VS6 are in compliance with API610, 10th edition (ISO 13709). HP-VS1 is vertical suspended, single casing pump and HP-VS6 is vertical suspended, double casing pump.
HP-VS1 and HP-VS6 are new generation of cryogenic and excellent cavitation resistance pumps designed by our company which adopt latest design technology and advanced pump manufacturing experience. The impeller adopts single or double suction structure. The first stage impeller has excellent cavitation resistance performance. The axial thrust is almost completely compensated by the balance drum and the residual thrust is balanced by angular contact ball bearing.

The hydraulic profiles are designed using CFD technology which ensures high efficiency and reliability. It has some unique design in hydraulic, connection of pump axial and bearing bracket, stiff rotor, mechanic seal cooling plan and auxiliary system. By standardization of materials and configurations, we are able to provide a more valuable product with shorter lead time that meets market demands.

HP-VS1/VS6 is suitable for pumping clean or slightly polluted, hot or cold, neutral or aggressive fluids.
● In refineries
● In chemical and petrochemical plants
● In cryogenic applications
● In pipelines
● In the offshore industries

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