HP-DG High Pressure Boiler Feed Pump


    Standard: JB/T8059-2008
    Capacity: 20 to 800m³/h
    Head: up to 2200m
    Pressure: up to 260bar
    Temperature: - 40°C to +250°C

The HP-DG is a single casing, radical split, high pressure boiler feed pump, comply with the requirements of JB/ T8059-2008. Axial thrust balance mechanism with an innovative, safe and reliable vaporization gap device ensure HP-DG pump with high reliability and new generation energy saving.
The HP-DG is widely used as a full-capacity fixed-speed or speed-regulation boiler feed pump in 6MW, 12MW, 25MW, 50MW, 100MW, 135MW thermal power plants. Due to advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable quality, high efficiency and reliability, the HP-DG has a high market share both in domestic and international market. This pump is designed with full consideration of the versatility and interchangeability of the feed pump parts. According to different boiler feed pump datum (datum within some range), suction casing, stage casing, discharge casing, bearing body parts, the shaft seal parts and the shaft seal parts are same as common parts and only the number of stages, the dimensions and profile of flow parts such as the impeller and the inducer are different, which can greatly shorten the design and producing time and also shorten the lead time.

HP-DG is suitable for pumping clean water and water-like fluids (i.e. ,weakly acidic and alkaline and fluids with solid particles not exceeding 1%).The HP-DG pump typically can be used as boiler feed pump of power plant, hydrogenation feed pump and radiation feed pump of refinery, phosphorus removal pump and decoking pump of steel mill.

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